FIBO 2017. Our Preliminary product launch of ClimbStation2

The wealth of business is best founded on the health of its employees.

I was fortunate to meet up with LinkedIn´s Wellness Coordinator Mr. Jun Yoshida. Here is a brief video about our meeting. Mr Jun Yoshida speaks for the importance of our six tenets:

  1. Thoughts: Set intentions. Bring caring mindfulness to words, thoughts and actions.
  2. Breathing: Belly rise on inhale, sink on exhale. Conscious breathing is an act of mindfulness.
  3. Hydration: If you pollute, you must dilute! Half of your body weight in oz of quality water per day.
  4. Nutrition: Macronutrient ratios matter; calorie do not. Picked, Pulled, Slaughtered, or Caught. Eat food, not products!
  5. Movement: You are a dynamic being. Move in all planes of motion. Be active! 6 Primal Movement Patterns: Squat, Bend, Lunge, Push, Pull and Twist.
  6. Rest: Aim for 7 to 8 hours sleep per night. Take active forms of rest throughout the day.

I would like to thank Mr. Jun Yoshida for these great advices how to keep strong, enjoy and stay in good health.

I wish everyone a healthy and a joyful day!

Br, Kaarle Vanamo

There are many ways how and where to use ClimbStation. Here is an example.

Workwear company called Fristad Kansas hired us for the second time to participate at their stand and to provide climbing for their customers. Indoor climbing is a great fun and interesting activity for the audience to follow. Finnbuild exhibition is targeted for the construction and manufacturing industry and for the exhibitor it is good to have an attraction that stands out from the competition. Finnbuild 2016 exhibition was a success for both parties. Fristads Kansas and ClimbStation. Check the video below and feel the atmosphere at Finnbuild 2016.

Why indoor climbing became so popular?

Indoor climbing is an increasingly popular form of rock climbing performed on artificial structures that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock.
The equipment, the structure of the surfaces and the usage of the equipment makes indoor climbing easier to practice:  it can be more controlled in such a setting, indoor climbing is perhaps a safer and more friendly introduction to the sport.
Therefore, it may not only be practiced by professionals. Many rock gyms are open for birthday parties and youth teams. Some of them are not even considered to be rock gyms but are seeking for smaller climbing surfaces to be integrated to their spaces.
According to a recent research 1,000 people start climbing every day. Many are inspired by a new generation of climbers, the ones pushing the sport beyond its limits, who often train indoors.
Rock climbing, thanks in large part to the modern climbing gym, has suddenly started up the human performance curve toward athletic maturity. Is that a trend? We don’t know. We do know that there’s a buzz about this great activity, and people want lifestyle facilities that are not hardcore climbing gyms or outdoor training.

Climbing and Health

We see kids climbing on walls, trees, with or without any help all the time, without even realising how big of an effort does it take to “reach peak”. When we decide to go climbing or bouldering as adults, we remember our childhood when it seemed to be so easy. Then we go to the gym or find an outdoors climbing space and realise, that it is not a piece of cake at all!

Being full-body-exercise as climbing requires a large amount of endurance and physical strength. Some people may think that climbing is all about the upper-body however the footwork itself and the strength of the lower body are as important as the usage of the upper muscle mass.

Climbing is a low impact cardio exercise, which means that it will improve your breathing and heart rate will as well, while burning over 700 calories/hour. Do you know what is the name of the path that a climber takes in order to complete the climb is called problem in bouldering? They’re called problems. No wonder, that the tricky maneuveurs used during climbing makes the sport ideal for improving problem solving skills and creativity and while increasing the flexibility of the used muscles as well.

Since it is a complex interaction of physiological and psychological factors, several scientific studies have been made about the different benefits of climbing. Some suggest that it may decrease symptoms of ADHD, improve memory, or function as a cup of coffee. In a nutshell: it is a mental and physical exercise. It is basically a competition between you and yourself. It does not matter how big or small steps you take, you develop after each movement you’ve been through. Climbing 100 metres one day will make you go higher on the next.

Of course just like in the case of any other sport, before starting such a serious workout, you need to do the warm-up properly. You have to be prepared that you may not step to the next grade without practicing and trying for more than once. Some beginners usually make the mistake of forgetting about using their lower body. Unless you are as good as Chris Sharma don’t forget to use your legs! Climbing is dangerous enough in itself – except if you climb on Climbstation –, so better not getting any sport injuries, don’t you think?

After reading so much about the health benefits of climbing, you should be having the urge for a little bit of exercising right now. Check out the closest gyms and climbing sights to you! If you are lucky enough they also have a Climbstation! If not, we will make sure it will be there one there sooner than later!

5 Arguments to Climb Mountains

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” — Edmund Hillary.

We all know being in the mountains can make life better but what about climbing to the top of those mountains? Here are a few arguments about why climbing mountains can help everybody in a positive way.
Argument 1. Not only will you built incredible strength and endurance from climbing mountains (consistently) but you will also find that your diet becomes better. Hesburger are not readily available in the top of a mountain (thank goodness for that!).
Argument 2. Climbers are an awesome breed of people. You will find these a few similarities between them: They are all positive, they are all strong and confident and they are all happy.
Argument 3. Mountains are so special; they makes you feel there´s a lot of magic around you. Maybe it is the fact they are so dangerous or maybe it is because they make us feel so small. Even if you don’t even climb them they call to you.
Argument 4. After seeing what untouched places look like you will want to protect them. Clear cutting and human interference in any of these beautiful places will be the worst thing imaginable to you. You might finally understand why there are so many rules in national parks and that you are so thankful for these rules.
Argument 5. Age is only a number. I’ve seen hikers under the age of 7 and I’ve seen hikers over the age of 70. I am learning more and more that age only represents the number of years you have been alive. It does not serve as a litmus test for opportunity. Those who decide early in life to care for their bodies and not allow age to limit their potential will not be handicapped by it.

Go, climb a mountain! You’ll love it.

Bangalore Muscle and Music Club

When I received the ClimbStation inquiry from Bangalore, I had not thought that my trip was going to be this successful – or that I would actually visit there twice. Why did I go there twice? Well, the reason is quite simple: For the first time I participated in the Muscle and Music Club’s opening ceremony as their honor guest. 
I was also supposed to assemble the product during that visit too, but since the parts arrived quite late to Bangalore – so late that I only had one day there left – I decided to go back again to assemble it and to give a proper introduction and training on its usage.

I had a quite busy schedule most days, especially in meetings with a gym that was also interested in distributing Climbstation in Asia. In between talking about the opportunities and logistics, we managed to chill a little bit too and try some new experiences. I myself am not a vegetarian, but I decided to ’try being one’ for the time of my visit as well as trying to eat basically everything with my hands – including rice and sauce! Well, the food was great – even from my hands – and I have to admit that I got used to these things quite quickly.

Unfortunately I did not have time for exploring and sightseeing, but I managed to get an ’internal perspective’ on the lives of my hosts and their families. I noticed that teamwork and family ties play a significant role in their life and business. Way more than it plays here, in Finland. Some of the everyday life aspects were slightly scary to me at first. The amount of people everywhere and the traffic jam were unbelievable. Crossing the street or sitting behind of a scooter were especially challenging, but fortunately my host’s attitude and hospitality compensated for these fears of mine. 

I feel like the Indian stories of mine have not come to an end yet. My dialogue with the guys still continues – as well as the story of Climbsation in India!

Whats New in 2015

Small details are many times the most important ones. We have kept the outer ClimbStation dimensions the same since 2009. This size has proven to be ideal for climbers and locations. Not too big or too small. What you cannot see from the pictures is the inside and details. We have done a lot of research in developing the software, mechanics and other components. Whats inside is new.

Focus on safety, reliability and functionality to maintain and do service when needed.
All 2015 ClimbStations are driven by industrial grade frequency converters and three phase, variable speed engines on both the tilting and rotation so you will experience smooth operation, lower noise level and best reliability.

New frame design improves logistics. Compact size in package reduces costs in freight and makes it easier to ship and install it!

This means better terms and conditions for you. It might be even a possibility to test it before final purchasing decision, lowering your risk of investment to minimum.

Have you ever been thinking about arranging climbing activity to your business? Now it is the best time to get started:

  1. Contact us and we make you the proposition regarding the best product for you
  2. We negotiate the ideal purchasing plan for you. (Rent, Leasing or Cash Buy)
  3. We calculate and arrange the shipping, installation and provide full product training for trouble free operation. After this you are ready to attract your customers, I know they will love it!

Have a healthy and prosperous New Year 2015,

Kaarle Vanamo
CEO, Inventor

Hyvää Joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta 2015!

elämyslahjat climbstation kiipeily Kampissa! from Kaarle Vanamo on Vimeo.

Kiitos Elä palvelulle. Oli huima tapahtuma Kampissa. Sen verran paljon väkeä että täytyi laittaa pari henkilöä kiipeilemään yhdellä laitteella 🙂 Tahdon kiittää kuluneesta vuodesta ja toivottaa oikein hyvää Joulua sekä uutta Vuotta 2015.

Tässä pari lahjaideaa!
Joululahjaidea 1: Elämyslahjojen lahjakortti kiipeilemään
Joululahjaidea 2: Anna lahja jolla pääset vaikuttamaan. Nyt voit osallistua ClimbStationia valmistavaan yhtiöön ja hankkia osakkeita Invesdor palvelun kautta.

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