If you think, You don´t have the money to buy a ClimbStation?


0 COMMENTS Ask yourself, will you have the money next year by continuing the way you are?

You need to add and have the cool factor, something that attracts and serves your customers. Then you will start making a better change! Rather think: This is the tool that makes the money and will be serving your customers years to come! Get new customers or get even a direct cash flow more than the monthly cost (rental or lease)!
Lets talk about marketing and costs in real life and businesses:

To get a new customer entering your facility, how much effort you need to do? Maybe you are investing a radio, printed media or even a TV advertising to get the customer even visiting your internet website or entering inside your facility. If you have done this advertising investment, you should remember that The customer visiting your premises has so far experienced nothing special. Nothing Special that He or She would feel good about – And in the end make a positive desicion and become your customer. This happens only if your services are right way tuned. This may include products, services, overall appearance, clean looks, kind and caring personnel and in the end the questions is that the time and money invested feels right or even better that expected. When you get your products and services to the level the experience is worth more that the price spent something else you will start see a positive change – And whats most important. The customer will recommend your services to others and come back again. Then no expensive advertising may not be even needed and your company is growing healthy, at the same time your body and health is getting better shape too. By bringing “Climbing For Everyone”

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