As of June 2018, released our latest ClimbStation (KERS) to its first customers. We have further developed our software functions and re-engineered a totally new tilting mechanism which replaces the previous generation hydraulics. Advantages are energy savings, less noise in operation and variable speed for smooth tilting.

Highlights of the 2018-2019 version

  • Software upgrade and small design changes which further improves user experience, installation, logistics and mobility.
  • Terrain editor with climb data monitoring and payment system support
  • New tilting mechanism provides smooth variable speed, reduced noise and has less energy consumpion compared to hydraulics.
  • Improved K.E.R.S (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) with adjustable restore settings. Together with automatic start, this means customers are able to enjoy climbing without a press of a button and the product can be set to return back to the owners made settings for easy entry for the next climber.
  • Improved reliability, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Climbing speed increased up to 25 meters per minute (82Ft. per minute)

ClimbStation™​ is a climbing wall equipment that makes the sport of climbing fun and available to many locations. ClimbStation has 10 pre-set difficulty levels witch can be edited to match the client base, special event or competition use. It is a perfect functional full-body workout and fun activity for the spectators. Now with the new userinterface located on the frontside it is easy to monitor your results or change settings while climbing.


Brad Farra

Brad Farra

Chiropractic Sports Physician, Evolution Healthcare & Fitness

ClimbStation is by far better than any other climbing treadwall out there!
Hasse Hoftvedt

Hasse Hoftvedt

Owner, Fitness Xpress Oslo

ClimbStation is a major differentiator, people come to the gym and say: "Wow!"
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Private owner of the 2017 ClimbStation ​Indianapolis, IN

"...The compact and mobile design combined with an endless variety of terrain is only limited by your imagination."